About DC Staffing

DC Staffing is a woman owned corporation and a wholly owned subsidiary of Alliance Texas Engineering (DBA Alliance Transportation Group, Inc.) When Alliance kept running into problems with data obtained from other sources, the owners recognized the need and the demand for accurate, up-to-date transportation related data and embarked on a mission to employ and train temporary personnel to conduct reliable data services on a project by project basis. Four years later, DC Staffing has hired temporary staffers who are adept at using the latest technology, possess strong communication skills, and understand the importance of deadlines while delivering accurate results according to the needs of our clients. Today, DC Staffing is looking to add friendly, flexible, and reliable staffers who are able to work part-time and full-time on short and long terms assignments within the lower 48 states in four (4) major service areas: call center, data processing, surveying, and traffic counting.

Call Center

DC Staffing maintains a modern call center facility with personal work stations and phone systems that are linked to a computer network. Staffers make inbound and outbound calls for survey recruitment and other data gathering purposes. Collected data is quickly transmitted into the collective data base for efficient and accurate results under minimal supervision.

Data Processing

DC Staffing houses a secure data center facility with computerized systems that hosts data bases, geographical information, and specifically designed surveys. Staffers enter and process data into a computer terminal while verifying the integrity and accuracy in established time intervals and with minimal supervision.


DC Staffing collects private and commercial vehicle travel data through a variety of surveying techniques.

  1. Personal Intercept Interview – Staffers conduct in-person interviews with the driving public at an external station
  2. Intercept Survey – Staffers assist with small and large scale video efforts if interruption of the travelling public is a concern.
  3. Work Place Survey – Staffers conduct in-person interviews with people at their place of work.

Count Teams

DC Staffing deploys staffers to collect transportation related data. Count Team staffers utilize a hand held counter for the manual counting of turning movements, cars, pedestrians, and bicycles. For automatic counts, a staffer assists with the placement and removal of mechanical counters and pneumatic tubes.